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Created By Nathan Clouse
Created On 2022-01-13
Updated By Nathan Clouse
Update On 2022-02-17

Zone based replenishment is a feature which utilizes min/max replenishment strategy but evaluates entire warehouse zones, if set, instead of just individual locations. This gives companies the ability to better and faster determine whether additional inventory is needed within a picking zone. The setup for the new feature is very similar to location-based replenishment. As new replenishment template is created for min/max replenishment, the user can simply specify whether the threshold should be evaluated per Location or per Zone. In case of zones, specific zones are then added to the Zone selection query and those will be evaluated by the newly created replenishment template when processed. Just like location-based min/max replenishment, the zone-based min/max replenishment is based on setting up a minimum threshold of inventory that triggers the creation of replenishment work order for selected items and item variants. In return, replenishment will be created for quantity that increases inventory up to the desired zone maximum threshold.