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(Preview) Warehouse management only mode

Run all supply chain warehouse operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management as part of a dedicated ecosystem that easily integrates with other ERP and order management systems via i

Location directive scopes

This feature introduces a richer experience when configurating location directives by introducing 4 new scopes to replace "Multiple SKU".

Warehouse slotting feature

This functionality allows for warehouse managers to plan the picking locations in the warehouse intelligently prior to releasing order to the warehouse and creating picking work.

Wave batch job details

This feature enables all users who work with waves to inspect the batch jobs and related tasks associated with any wave. This is especially useful for troubleshooting a wave that has failed.

Warehouse release rule

Release to warehouse rule introduces new abilities for greater flexibility when releasing to warehouse.

Warehouse location status

The location status feature adds four new fields to the Locations form to track additional information about the current state of the location:    · Item number       o Item that is currently in th

Warehouse app step instructions

This feature lets you create and display custom instructions for each step of each task flow that you set up for the Warehouse Management mobile app.

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