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Created By Nathan Clouse
Created On 2023-09-25
Updated By Nathan Clouse
Update On 2023-10-22

This feature causes the system to be more consistent in the way it uses the columns of the WHSWorkTrans table, which stores information about user actions related to warehouse work. This change makes the system easier for developers to understand and may be required by future features related to inventory transactions. If your system includes customizations that affect or are affected by the WHSWorkTrans table, then you should enable this feature on a development system, test and modify your customizations as needed, and then deploy the updates to your production system. Then you can enable this feature on your production system to prepare it to take advantage of future updates. As a result of this feature, the system will store source and destination license plate information more consistently in the various columns of the table (no columns are removed or added). The first time you turn on this feature, it will process the WHSWorkTrans table by moving target license plate information for incomplete work to the TargetLicensePlateId column. It will also deduce the source license plate information for the pick work lines and update the InventDimId column accordingly. Records for already completed work won't be affected. Thereafter, the system will continue to work using the new convention.