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(Preview) Benefits Compare Selections

This feature provides an ability to compare employees’ current benefits plans selection against a previous benefit period’s or date-range’s plan selection.

Worker header control

The worker header control feature replaces the existing worker header in the Streamlined worker form, Person form and Employee self-service.

Billing schedules with projects

This feature enables configuring and using billing schedules with Projects. Billing schedules can be associated with a time and material project and invoiced using Project invoice proposals.

Advanced address maintenance

This allows the user to delete unused historical addresses in the Manage addresses form. The address type selection is shown in a tab based format instead of a dropdown.

Benefits Management Email Notifications

This feature provides an ability to send email notifications and reminders to the employees in the new hire enrollment, open enrollment, and qualifying life event scenarios.

CTP for Planning Optimization

This feature adds a new delivery date control type called “CTP for Planning Optimization”, which provides confirmed delivery dates for sales order lines when the current dynamic master plan is run.

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