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Get detailed information and reference data

Get information on what features and other aspects of Finance and Operations were released with which version. Here you'll find info on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations information, by version, as soon as we can post it from the latest release from Microsoft. This will show you new features, data entities and security changes as they are released.

Know when it's out!

Know exactly which features are available in each version before installing it.

More to come!

We'll be listening for feedback and adding more of what you'd like to see.


With each release F&O gets new features. Some features are enabled by default but most are not. We built this site to help catalog and provide additional info for each features that is released as well as defaults and specifically what version that feature shipped with. This will help you evaluate new versions and features better so you can determine if a specific release can be or should be skipped for your specific implementation. To help you find specifics, you can use the links below to browse features by:

Data Entities

Similar to features, with each new release new data entities are added to F&O. Additionally, some are marked as obsolete. We provide a list of each data entity, some additional metadata about it plus what version it was introduced. This can help you identify new opportunities for integrations as well as what data entities should be reevaluated for use if they have a newer version available. Use the links below to view Data Entities by:

  • Version
  • Module
  • Version and Module


Just like Features and Data Entities, Security can change with each version. Still and work in progress but we're working on a way to report security changes from version to version to help you assess what changes you may need to make to remain compliant with your internal security standard and licensing.

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Data Entities

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