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Enable use of non-recurring tokens in Commerce

Enabling this feature will support the payment connectors to operate against direct authorizations without the use of a payment card token where one is not needed for the nature of the transaction.

Hide cancelled order lines from POS

With this feature, POS only shows the order lines that are not cancelled. This helps the store associates to focus on the non-cancelled lines during pickup and order editing.

Enable asynchronous order cancellation

This feature allows the store associates to asynchronously cancel the asynchronous customer orders so that the store associates can return the customer deposit, if any and submit the cancellation r

Enable consistent tiered charge selection

When this feature is enabled, prorated tiered charges will be determined by tax-inclusive pricing in "Prices include sales tax" scenarios, which is consistent with non-prorated tiered charge functi

Restrict Payment Token usage to Order context

Enabling this feature will restrict the Call Center ability to use previous transaction tokens for new Sales Orders unless the customer has agreed to store a card on file for their account.

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