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Product bundles

Product bundles allows you to group together related items by using a parent item composing of one or more component items. Bundles are defined using Bill of materials.

Setup company specific number sequences

Enable the setup of company specific number sequences in Product information management parameters form, having tabs Number sequences for company specific and Shared number sequences for number seq

Populate product attribute values

This feature adds a periodic task called "Populate product attribute values", which creates missing product attribute value records for attributes associated with products via a product category.

Clean up product attribute values

This feature adds a periodic task called "Clean up product attribute values", which cleans up product attribute value records that are no longer associated with any product via a product category.<

Variant suggestions page improvements

This feature improves the performance and usability of the Variant suggestions page when you have a high number of dimension combinations from which to create variants.

Sales bundle

The sales bundle feature provides a framework to group individually separate but related items into a sales bundle. A sales bundle is a group if items that are priced, sold, and shipped together.

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