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Database log statistics

Gathers log counts per table and company from sysdatabaselog table and displays on database log page.

Auto-blocking of high-volume notification rules

This feature enables auto-blocking of high-volume notification rules for individual users, which prevents the creation of new notifications for specific processes that generate notifications at rat

Bulk editing in grids

This feature, which depends on the new grid control feature, allows users to bulk edit column across marked rows within grids.

(Preview) Archive

This feature lets you execute data archive for select high volume areas of the product. The data archive is performed by a micro-service.

User-based service protection API limits

User-based service protection API limits help ensure consistent availability, reliability, and performance of the Finance and Operations service by throttling requests from users with extraordinary

Saved views performance enhancement

This feature improves the performance of loading views with personalizations that can impact the query, such as added fields and modified filters and sorts, by minimizing the number of times the qu

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