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Enable recurring AP invoice

This feature empowers AP clerks to create and manage recurring vendor invoice templates, with the definition of the invoice details such as items, charges, posting profile, sales tax and accounting

Vendor aging data storage

This feature provides a new way to execute the vendor aging data storage in cases where the existing Vendor aging report times out because the report has too much data to print.

Vendor invoice batch posting

This feature lets you add an automated posting task to the Vendor invoice workflow so that the invoice is posted using a batch.

Update 1099 information for multiple vendors

This feature updates the process for changing the value in the 1099 box on vendor records and the process for updating transactions with the 1099 box information for multiple vendors in a single st

Update 1099 information by main account

Public sector - This feature lets you associate the 1099 values for a vendor by the main account in the accounting distribution, rather than the default account on the vendor record.

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