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Created By Nathan Clouse
Created On 2023-07-01
Updated By Nathan Clouse
Update On 2023-07-03

When enabled, calculations for extended amounts, summary amounts, subtotals, and totals for sales quotations and sales orders will not be performed in Dynamics 365 Sales. When quotations or sales orders are created in Sales, and a pricelist exists in Sales, then that price will be used, but no other calculations will be made. All calculated monetary fields are calculated in and synchronized from Supply Chain Management. When enabled, this feature sets 'Use system price calculation' to 'No' and 'Discount calculation method' to 'Per unit' in Sales. When enabled, the following changes are made in the Sales user interface for sales quotation and sales order lines: the 'Volume discount' field is hidden, the 'Discount' field is expressed as per-unit discount amount, and the 'Manual discount' field is made read-only and relabeled. Manual discounts can henceforth be entered in the 'Line discount amount' field.