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Module: General ledger
First Available In 10.0.32
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Created By Nathan Clouse
Created On 2023-03-28
Updated By Nathan Clouse
Update On 2023-04-16

This feature enables user to specify Number sequences on Number sequences setup for FEC Missing numbers justification FastTab of Ledger tab on General ledger > Ledger setup > General ledger parameters page to be analyzed during "FEC Missing numbers justification" report generation. Prefix segments information of different number sequences must not intersect. When this feature is disabled, the "FEC Missing numbers justification" report analyses all the possible Number sequences used for Vouchers numbering with an assumption, that prefix segments information of the Number sequences is composed of alphabetic characters and does not include any numbers. Use this feature to execute "FEC Missing numbers justification" report generation for specific Number sequence or in case there are numerical symbols in prefix segments information of the Number sequences used for Vouchers numbering.