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Enable use of a numpad in the sign-in page

This feature enables admins to add a numpad control to the sign-in page for production floor execution. Workers can use the numpad to sign in with their Badge ID or personal number.

Generate data manually on voyage editor

Instead of generating data for voyage editor form once filter value is changed, the feature allows generating data manually to improve performance and user experience.

Location directive scopes

This feature introduces a richer experience when configurating location directives by introducing 4 new scopes to replace "Multiple SKU".

VAT Declaration - Include corrections

After enabling this feature and parameter in General ledger parameters / Include corrections, VAT declaration report includes all transactions corrections into original run of the report.

Restrict Payment Token usage to Order context

Enabling this feature will restrict the Call Center ability to use previous transaction tokens for new Sales Orders unless the customer has agreed to store a card on file for their account.

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