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Enable workflow hierarchy routing

Modifies the hierarchy logic for a workflow to always use a position's parent when traversing the hierarchy instead of using the primary position of the worker assigned to its parent position.

Global inventory accounting

The Global inventory accounting for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management facilitates accounting of inventory in multiple ledgers, enabling dual currency and dual valuation.

Non deductible % field in Posted sales tax

When the feature is enabled the Non deductible % field is populated in sales tax transactions from corresponding sales tax codes. The field is visible on the Posted sales tax page.

User-based service protection API limits

User-based service protection API limits help ensure consistent availability, reliability, and performance of the Finance and Operations service by throttling requests from users with extraordinary

Benefits management workspace

This feature enables the Benefits administrator to have an overview of the benefits enrollment status for all the employees in their organization by each benefits enrollment period.

(Preview) Worker header control

The worker header control feature replaces the existing worker header in the Streamlined worker form, Person form and Employee self-service.

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