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Created By Nathan Clouse
Created On 2023-01-26
Updated By Nathan Clouse
Update On 2023-02-17

This feature adds an option that lets you choose to settle customer payment deductions using the invoice selected for each deduction. When you use this option, the system automatically settles deduction transactions using the matching invoice provided an open balance exists for that invoice; otherwise the deduction won't be settled automatically. Without this option, the system instead settles deduction transactions using the open amount for payment invoices, which was the standard behavior in Supply Chain Management version 10.0.24 and earlier. The feature adds a new setting called "Settle customer payment deductions" to the "Accounts receivable parameters" page. Set this option to "Match to invoice" to use the new functionality. Set it to "Match to open payments", to use the previous behavior. When you first enable this feature, the "Settle customer payment deductions" field will initially be set to "Match to invoice" (the new behavior). The "Match to open payments" option is provided chiefly to support legacy integration scenarios.