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Created By Nathan Clouse
Created On 2023-07-01
Updated By Nathan Clouse
Update On 2023-07-03

The batch concurrency control feature is designed to facilitate priority-based scheduling in batch jobs. By setting a maximum limit on the number of concurrently running tasks within a specific Batch Job, users can exercise control over the total number of concurrent tasks. This setting is inherited by Batch Jobs from the corresponding Batch Group. However, if the concurrency number is set higher than the total number of available batch threads in the environment, the feature will be ineffective. If concurrency control is not required, it should be set to zero. In case you want to completely stop all batch jobs under a Batch Group, set this value to -1. Additionally, please note that this feature is not recommended for batch jobs with more than 5000 concurrent ready-to-execute tasks, as it may degrade performance of batch scheduling.