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Translation support for organization views

This feature, which is dependent on the Saved views feature, allows users to specify translations for organization view names and descriptions so that users see that content in their current langua

Tax Calculation Service

Tax Calculation is a hyper-scalable multi-tenant service that enables the global tax engine to automate and simplify the tax determination and calculation process.

Support multiple VAT registration numbers

This functionality provides a possibility to set up tax registration numbers of a legal entity and its customers and vendors in different EU Member States and post and settle taxes per registration

Slot mixed units

Allows the system to slot items into locations that include mixed units (such as both boxes and cases).

Sealed bidding for RFQs

This feature is not available for China and US Government clouds. Promote fair procurement practices by implementing sealed bidding on your requests for quotation (RFQs).

Recalculate estimated customer balance

This feature lets you choose whether the system should automatically recalculate the estimated customer balance each time a sales order is created or updated using oData.

NF-e custom certificate validation

Enables custom certificate validation for communication with NF-e web services for MG and PR states. It's temporary solution to avoid problems with establishing TLS connection.

Full page apps

This feature, which depends on the Saved views feature, allows Power Apps and third-party apps to be added as full-page experiences via the dashboard.

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