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Specify location owner

This feature allows system administrators to specify the owner of a location (address). Typically, a party will own the locations that are associated with it.

Sales bundle

The sales bundle feature provides a framework to group individually separate but related items into a sales bundle. A sales bundle is a group if items that are priced, sold, and shipped together.

Saved views for planned orders

This feature provides a collection of simplified views for planned orders. Each view only includes the most often used fields, thereby providing a quicker overview and a streamlined work process.

Moving average, fallback cost sequence

This feature enables the ability to select between three predefined fallback cost sequences for Moving average. This impact scenarios were inventory goes negative and a cost has to be assigned.

Inventory Visibility integration

This feature provides the functionality to integrate Dynamics 365 with Inventory Visibility add-in, which posts all SCM on-hand changes to Inventory Visibility.

License plate receiving history

This feature logs all license plates registered through the menu items "License plate receiving" and "License plate receiving and put-away".
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