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Wave template grouping

Wave template grouping functionality is like existing Work template grouping behavior, but instead it enables grouping and breaking by functionality already on the Wave template.

Work blocking

The work can be blocked by different reasons which can be viewed from the work form.

Vendor invoice batch posting

This feature lets you add an automated posting task to the Vendor invoice workflow so that the invoice is posted using a batch.

Work line details

New Work lines form offers additional overview of work lines for warehouse management team. The user can switch between showing all work lines or only open work lines for a specific company.

Work order billing

This feature will enable invoicing of maintenance work orders based on related projects.

Work pick line overview

This feature lets you define when to show a list of all work lines, and allows workers to select which work line to pick next.

Warehouse location status

The location status feature adds four new fields to the Locations form to track additional information about the current state of the location:    · Item number       o Item that is currently in th

Work policy enhancements for inbound work

This feature allows the purchase order item, purchase order line, and load item receiving (and put away) processes to receive goods without creating warehouse work (instead, it can register inbound

Warehouse release rule

Release to warehouse rule introduces new abilities for greater flexibility when releasing to warehouse.

Work split

Provides capability to split warehouse work that is in status open or in progress. It is used to move selected lines from current work to another new work to balance workload.

Warehouse slotting feature

This functionality allows for warehouse managers to plan the picking locations in the warehouse intelligently prior to releasing order to the warehouse and creating picking work.

Wave batch job details

This feature enables all users who work with waves to inspect the batch jobs and related tasks associated with any wave. This is especially useful for troubleshooting a wave that has failed.

Wave label printing

Wave label printing functionality make it more efficient to support labelling of cartons prior palletizing.

Workflow runtime job queue processing

Enables workflow message processing to use runtime jobs rather than runtime tasks. The purpose is to prevent Workflow execution from being stuck by a single long running message.

Wave Load building feature

Load building allows the system to automatically assign shipments to existing waves during wave execution, letting users create meaningful loads representing trucks without using the load planning

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